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Pro-life Anti-Abortion Video: Development of the Unborn Baby
Anti-Abortion Prolife Video: Development of the Unborn Baby. Anti-Abortion Prolife Video: Development of the Unborn Baby. Fetal Development; From conception to birth; Day 1: fertilization: all human c...


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"Evil will triumph only when good men do nothing!"  Become active in the Pro-Life cause.
In the time it takes you to read this home page, abortionists will have murdered 30 babies in the United States.
West Virginians for Life is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to seek the protection of all human life from conception until natural death and to end the practices of abortion, infanticide and euthanasia. Our organization needs your help. Become more active. There are many things you can do that require very little time. Even 30 minutes a month will save lives.
On October 3, Respect Life Sunday, many local citizens participated in the National Life Chain by forming a “Life Chain” along Washington Street in downtown Berkeley Springs.  This Life Chain is formed throughout a hundred nations of the world on Respect Life Sunday between the hours of 2 and 3 PM. This keeps the Pro-Life issue in front of the public and hopefully may have changed some attitudes about respect for life.  Respect Life not only includes the life of the unborn, but the lives of those who may die from euthanasia and other unnatural causes.  An estimated 2,000 drivers, passengers and pedestrians observed the signs during the one hour of demonstration.  Reaction to the demonstration was very positive with many thumbs up, honks from the truckers, requests for signs and even pictures taken of those holding signs.
Barbara and Jack Carr, who formed a pro-life group at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Berkeley Springs, spearheaded a Spiritual Adoption Program last January. The primary purpose was (1) for a family to spiritually adopt an unborn baby and (2) educate the adults and children of the parish about the development of the pre born baby. Each week a short insert was placed in the church bulletin describing the development of the baby at that specific time in his/her life from conception to birth. Pictures showing the development on a monthly basis were also displayed in the gathering place and updated on a monthly basis. Just prior to the baby’s birth on October 10 the group held a baby shower inviting people to bring gifts.  The gifts of baby items were donated to the Hope Center Pregnancy Center in Hagerstown. They were happy to receive $400 in cash and a pickup load of baby items from diapers to cribs. Over 200 people adopted the unborn babies, naming each one and pinning an adoption card on a board placed in the gathering place of the church. Barbara Carr and Jim Fritz have written a manual that includes all of the information necessary to conduct this effort.   If you are interested in starting a Spiritual Adoption Program in your church, contact Jim Fritz, using the contact form.
Charlie Heise, Jim Fritz and others from Hancock, Hagerstown and Pennsylvania provide sidewalk counseling three days a week in front of the abortion mill in Hagerstown, MarylandSince they began in October 2006 they have saved 205 babies from being killed and an equal number of women from being emotionally damaged. Plus, they have affected a good number of other women and men who saw us, and others, praying in front of the abortion mill.
We have three volunteers for the Gabriel Project.  We need more volunteers and we need someone to promote this organization in Morgan County.  This does not take a great deal of time yet it can save a young woman from having an abortion by providing the help she needs. We have assets that can be put to work. We mostly need someone interested and someone good at talking to young pregnant women in need of help. Please help out on this. Call Carol Ambrose at 258-9676. During the previous month we did provide help for a woman who was a turn around at the HagerstownAbortionCenter. She is a single mother with eight children and pregnant with another from a rape. We were able to provide a deposit andfirst month’s rent on a five bedroom home for her.
Natural Family Planning focuses on the total person perspective, bringing the attention back to where it should be: on the family, self education and body awareness. NFP educates women and couples about their bodies and the way in which we are designed and work. We are made to procreate, as we are also created to love and be loved, not only in the physical sense but also in the emotional and marital sense. Natural Family Planning highlights and emphasizes this very fact. The couple comes together and begins to understand how their bodies work separately and together.
The value of life is highlighted with Natural Family Planning. Every child is a wanted and loved child as there are no surprises with Natural Family Planning when the correct program is used with the aid of a knowledgeable Instructor or Practitioner, which in turn creates a decline in abortions.  
For more information and classes on NFP call Laura Haber at 401-982-2197
Last week-end in July – MorganCounty Fair Booth
The Chapter provides a Morgan County WVFL booth in Berkeley Springs.  We provide a video on ultrasounds of pre born babies for people to see as they walk by as well as pro-life material. Twelve, 20, 26 and 30 week fetal models are on display for people to pick up and hold.  Activities for children include coloring back packs which they may keep.
Third Saturday in September – Annual Respect Life Dinner
The Chapter sponsors an annual Respect Life Dinner in Berkeley Springs.  The purpose of the dinner is to bring together approximately 200 people from various denominations to share dinner. We have speakers, to include a teen speaker, music and a silent auction.  The event is our annual fundraiser to raise money to provide pro-life material, financial assistance and help pregnant women who may otherwise have an abortion.
Columbus Day week-end in October – Apple Butter Festival
Apple Butter Festival Parade
The Morgan County WVFL participates in the Apple Butter Festival Parade in Berkeley Springs. Our float is driven by Bob Ezolt who helps prepare the float and drive the truck with huge Pro-Life banners. The float includes live music by Bob Williams and his wife Eun Yea. Many ride the float and others walk alongside.  The Wolfe and Quarantillo families and many others from Morgan County participate. 
Pro-Life Booth at the Apple Butter Festival
The chapter also provides a WVFL Booth in downtown Berkeley Springs. Thousands of visitors descend upon the town for the festival. Pro-Life material is given out along with pro-life balloons. Fetal models are on display for all to pick up and hold.  Tiny 12 week old rubber models are given away to interested little girls to keep.  A little girl showed us the "baby" she had received the year before which she carried everywhere. Two other girls came back with little baskets to hold their "babies". Crew members include Jim Fritz, Rachel and Linda Lawhorne, Barbara and Jack Carr, Vickie Saenz and others.