West Virginians For Life~Morgan Co. Chapter~Berkeley Springs, WV - Precious Feet
West Virginian's for Life, Inc.
Morgan County Chapter


DATE                                        ACTIVITY

January 22                               Church Bulletin Inserts (Sanctity of Human Life Sunday)
January 27                               Washington DC March For Life            
                                                  Buses available at St. Peter’s in Hancock and St. Mary’s in Hagerstown
Feb 8                                        Legislative Session Begins
Feb 25                                      State Board Meeting (March 4 in case of snow)
March 13                                 Pro-Life Rally Day in Charleston
April 8                                      Legislative Session Ends
April 18 @ 7 PM                     Meeting - Morgan Co.
April 27                                    19th Annual Rose Dinner
June 8                                       5th Annual Golf FORE Life Tournament
June TBD @ 7 PM                  Meeting - Morgan Co. (Planning Meeting)
June 17                                      State Board Meeting
July 5                                         Sale of Convention Advertisement
July 11 @ 7 PM                       Meeting - Morgan Co. (Morgan Co Fair)
July TBD @11 PM                  Face the Truth Tour    Hagerstown, MD
August 3 & 4 ??                      Morgan County Fair 
August 21 @ 7 PM                 Meeting - Morgan Co. (Plan Dinner & Apple Butter Festival)
September TBD @ 6 PM        Respect Life Dinner, Berkeley Baptist Family Center
September TBD                       Church Bulletins Inserts (Respect Life Sunday October TBD)
September 30                           State Board Meeting
October TBD @ 1:45 PM       Life Chain – Respect Life Sunday (Conflict with Apple Butter Festival)
October 7, 8 AM                     Apple Butter Festival Parade
October 7 & 8                         Apple Butter Festival Booth ( Need volunteers) 8AM to 5 PM
October 21                              State Convention (Horizon Church, Lost Creek}
November 11                          State Board Meeting
December 11 @ 7 PM            Meeting - Morgan Co. (Lessons Learned – Election of Officers)

Sidewalk Counseling and Prayer Warriors at Hagerstown Abortion Mill on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays  Contact Jim Fritz for details 304 258 9189 or email Jamessfritz@aol.com