West Virginians For Life~Morgan Co. Chapter~Berkeley Springs, WV - Precious Feet
                                                                                                                                                                                March 2017 
Activities Report
for March 2017 issue of LIFE MATTERS 

Sidewalk Counseling at the Abortuary is in Hagerstown, Maryland

Members of WVFL of Morgan County and others provide sidewalk counseling two days a week in front of the abortuary is in Hagerstown, Maryland.  Since they began in October 2006 they convinced 450 women not to abort their babies. It is estimate that at least an equal number of women have changed their minds about abortion after viewing their large signs and witnessing the people praying.

Those sidewalk counseling were Gail Hoffman, Cecilia McKenzie, Barbara Margaret, Paul Cortese, Kim Raye, Janet Neel and Jim Fritz. There were many prayer warriors such as Brian Fitzgerald, David Neel, Patty Jones, Mary Baud, Sherman Jones, Kris Detrow, Elaine Missinis, Father Jack Lombardi and others. 

Pro-Life Billboard

We continued our 8’ X 12’ pro-life billboard outside of Berkeley Springs on Route 522. Thanks to all who support this, especially the Knights of Columbus and the Holy Name Society.             

Radio Broadcast on WDTF-LP 107.9 FM, Berkeley Springs WV
and 96.3 FM in Hancock MD           

WDTF broadcasts several pro-life messages a day including a five minute National Right to Life spot at noon. The Knights of Columbus originate and record another set of pro-life messages originated by Dick Byrne.  Patrick Crosby is the pro-life station engineer.


Our great Website, WWW.WVFL-MCC.COM, is the sole responsibility of Barbara Carr.  

Hope Pregnancy Center        

While we are in front of the Abortuary in Hagerstown we support the Hope Pregnancy Center (HPC) located next door. We also deliver truckloads of clothing, car seats, play pens, toys and other items, in addition to monetary donations, donated by others, mostly from West Virginia. We actually hand out dozens of diapers to women coming to the Hope Center but finding it closed. 

 Jim Fritz